Tango with Gustavo & Jesica Stage Dor Studio, 10 Liberty Ship Way, Suite #340, at Bridgeway Blvd, Sausalito, CA
"This milonga is a don't miss!...One of the best run Milongas in the San Francisco Bay Area: large dance studio hardwood floors, good music, drinks, delicious snacks, friendly atmosphere, tables (candles & roses), free parking, and great Hosts! They will make you feel welcome. The music played is some of the best you'll hear. "...ISM

SPECIAL "Flick or Treat" Sausalito Milonga with Live Music by "Hombres de Tango" and Workshops with Gustavo and Jesica Hornos: Saturday October 31st, 2009!
Come and celebrate Halloween and enjoy a night of tango dancing "out of this world" with LIVE MUSIC by HOMBRES de TANGO this Saturday at the Sausalito Milonga. Costumes are welcomed and the best one will be awarded with a prize.
We will provide PASCUAL TOSO MALBEC WINES from ARGENTINA, tasty food appetizers, tables with candles and roses, the very best hardwood floors of the bay and plenty of free parking.
6pm - 7.30pm Workshop on Forward and Backward Ochos: You will learn how to lead and follow this very popular tango figure. Taught by Gustavo and Jesica Hornos.

7.30pm - 9pm Workshop on Mastering Sacadas & CounterSacadas PART 2: You will learn fun, doable and realistic movements that respects the line of dance.We will start with a short review of what we've done last week. Taught by Gustavo and Jesica Hornos.

9pm - 12am Milonga, LIVE MUSIC by HOMBRES de TANGO ! (Seth Asarnow in bandoneon and Marcelo Puig in guitar). During the breaks DJ Gustavo will delight us with a great selection of the best tango music in the world for you to enjoy with your favorite tango dancers.

$20 one workshop or $30 with milonga, $35 two workshops or $45 with milonga, $15 milonga only

Location: Stage Dor Studio, 10 Liberty Ship Way, Suite #340, at Bridgeway Blvd, Sausalito, CA
(big grey building by the water, two minutes away from downtown, across street from 7 Eleven).

Regular Sausalito Milonga: 2nd & 4th SATURDAY: Enjoy dancing in Sausalito with beautiful music, Argentine wine, delicious appetizers from "Guernica Restaurant", tables, candles, the best hardwood floor, easy parking and a friendly atmosphere. Come by yourself or with a partner. As a Gift to the Tangueros, receive a 10% off to Guernica Restaurant, located just across from the Milonga.

Milonga Tango Party: 9pm-midnight : $12 without class.
$15 Class & $20 includes Milonga, maybe a little extra if Live Music
Classes: 6pm-8:30pm call (415) 573-5735 for details.

Gustavo and Jesica have been invited to perform at the San Francisco Latino Film Festival, Del Valle Theater in Walnut Creek and the Sausalito Chamber of Commerce, among others. They are both very thankful to their families, teachers and dancers that helped them to love this dance.

Gustavo Hornos, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, has an early connection to Tango. His parents met dancing Tango in the clubs of Argentina. His father, who is also a musician, guided Gustavo's first little Tango steps when the family would gather around for parties. As a child, Gustavo was always picked as the lead role for the school plays and shows, were he learn and performed many of the folkloric dances of his country.

As time passed, Gustavo realized that Tango was his passion. He deeply felt the profound meaning of the lyrics, the energy of the music and the beauty of the dance. He also begun to discover the magic world of the Milongas (Tango Party) were he observed and learned even more from many of the greatest dancers in the city. He was exposed to very different styles of Tango and he appreciates them all. Thanks to this exposure and like any dancer, he created his unique tanguero style. Gustavo teaches and performs with Jesica, his Tango and life partner. Amazingly, they met each other dancing Tango in a Milonga.

Jesica Salomon, also from Buenos Aires, Argentina, began dance training at the age of 4, and was studying at the Escuela Nacional de Danzas by the age of 6. This was her first introduction to Tango and other Argentinian folkloric dances. When she was 11, Jesica was accepted into the renowned Teatro Colon in Argentina. She studied there for the next two years until she moved into the United Sates and began her dance training at the University of Akron, Dance Institute in Ohio under the wonderful direction of Gena Carroll and Lana Carroll Heylock. She also studied at Steps in New York City as well as the Royal Ballet of Flanders in Belgium. At age 17, Jesica joined into the Ohio Ballet were she danced professionally for 4 years with director and choreographer Jeffrey Hughes. Later on, she moved to California were she was accepted into the Alonzo King training workshop in San Francisco.

But Jesica was always very attracted to Argentine Tango. She felt she was able to express herself even deeper and she was amazed by the sensual, smooth and refined movements of this dance. Therefore, she decided to take a trip to Buenos Aires to learn more. Jesica return so excited from the experience, that she wanted to share with the rest of the world the seductive, divine and elegant qualities of the Tango. One wonderful day, Gustavo invited her to dance at a Milonga and they connected in such a way that they became tango and life partners ever since.

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