Interview with Daniel Lapadula

Originally from Argentina, Daniel Lapadula is a professional performer, teacher, organizer and choreographer now residing in Miami. He has performed across the United States and the Caribbean to critical acclaim and, most recently, in the movie "Random Hearts" starring Harrison Ford. Daniel, who has a background in jazz and ballet dancing, has been dancing tango professionally since 1977 and studied at the Ana Marini Conservatory in Buenos Aires. He has given exhibitions on television and in nightclubs with a number of world masters, among them, Juan Carlos Copes and Eduardo & Gloria.

He was the choreographer and director of Tango Revue from 1986 to 1996. In 1991, he was selected as the first dancer of the Libertad Lamarque Company. He created the show "Tango Tango" and choreographed the stage show "Buenos Aires in Ann Arbor" for the Argentine Tango Club of Detroit. Most recently, he and his partner, Laura Brondo, performed an entire program with the Florida Philharmonic Orchestra presenting tango orchestrations by Piazzolla, Gardel, Mores and others, in "Una Noche de Tango" as part of the Miami Latin Pops series sponsored by Bacardi Martini.

Daniel says his dancing is a consequence of the influence of Eduardo & Gloria in 1976. At first, he was uncomfortable with the tango and had to wait for the tango to "pick" him. It was not until a trip to Colombia in the early '80's that the tango "caught" him. His favorite tango clubs are: in Bs. As., Club Almagro and La Estrella; in Miami, the Hallandale Cultural Center; and in San Francisco, the Broadway club.

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