La Senora Eva Peron
SYNOPSIS: La Senora Eva Peron
Nearly half a century after her death, the name "Eva Peron" has achieved legendary status worldwide and is synonymous with Argentina and its politics. The weight of her influence as a woman of power places her along side such figures as Cleopatra, Spain's Queen Isabella, and England's Queen Elizabeth.

"La Senora Eva Peron," a documentary filmed in Argentina presents the life of Eva Peron in a factual light. The Eva Peron story is woven together using intimate details shared by her closest confidants, including her confessor. Interviews with political appointees help place her political charisma in its proper historical context. La Senora Eva Peron also examines her philanthropic work, her influence on other women, and her ability to educate and inspire the masses. Exclusive interviews, unprecedented access to locations, rare photographs/film clips and period tango music combine to forge an authentic portrait of her extraordinary life.
Cathy Kelly, Apex Pictures

BIOGRAPHY: Cathy Kelly
Cathy Kelly, founding partner of Apex Pictures began her production career producing TV commercials and corporate films. She also produced the TV sitcom pilot, Wrinkles & Proof. Ms. Kelly is currently in development with Umpte Progresso, a feature film based on Fellini's La Dolce Vita. Interested in the Eva Peron story since a young girl, she finally went to Argentina in 1994 to begin her most ambitious project, La Senora Eva Peron. The contacts she made on her initial visit to Buenos Aires allowed her to interview people who actually knew and worked with Eva Peron. Also, Ms. Kelly was given permission to film in government buildings where Allan Parker (Evita with Madonna) and his crew were turned away.

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