Fabian Salas Part 2

Dear Diary,
(Where Elaine's Dear Diary entry left off last week...TTM)

We attempted to dine at the new Charanga, but they would not serve us even a drink until their opening time of 5:30; it was 5:15, and we were a party of eight!!! Well, they lost that tab! We promptly went two doors down to Cha Cha Cha, another tapas place, which, even though their kitchen didn't open til 6:00, seated us, gave us drinks and took our order. Our absolutely wonderful tapas selections started arriving at 5:45!!! We ordered about a dozen different plates between us and shared; and full plates they were, not snack dishes. Everything was so fresh, I thought the calamari, for one, would jump off the plate! And DELICIOUS - WOW; I highly recommend this place; the wine was excellent, as was the service from a very pretty waitress. And it is open quite late, especially during the weekend.

After dinner, back home, and George had opportunity to complete his interview before we took off for the Danceasy in El Cerrito, where we had a ball cause there was a great crowd, as usual, plus Florencia and Julio danced for us, as did Ruben with three lucky tangueras and one lucky tanguero! Yes, Ruben outdid himself in a comic, but perfectly executed, tango; Bhezad did an outstanding job of leading the feisty Ruben!! Terrific showmanship on both their parts!

I let him sleep on Sunday while Carlos and I went to the Crystal Fair, and when we got home, he was fresh and ready to go for dinner. We took him to Guaymas in Tiburon; the most upscale Mexican restaurant I know on the Tiburon waterfront. Polo and Diana joined us, and we devoured our drinks, chips & salsa, appetizers and fabulous dinner while watching the beautiful bay and having lively conversation. That night, we went to the Broadway milonga, of course, and had a ball with everyone there. Afterwards, a small group headed over to Steps of Rome on Columbus for a midnight snack/treat and good times where the owner and manager made us feel right at home and even did a little semi-dance himself.

Fabian's back had been bothering him, and I was lucky enough to obtain an appointment for him on Monday with an excellent chiropractor who works with dancers and was a dancer himself. Afterwards, he looked fresh and strong and much better, saying he was amazed with what the backcracker could tell by the exam and what was done to bring him greater comfort than he'd had in a long time. So he got a mini-lesson in back care and operation. This experience should continue to be of great value to Fabian in his work, play and approach to physicality in general. Another little treat for Fabian was my gift of a set of "Nukkles" - an ingenious yet simple set (one for each hand) of plastic nodes for massaging aching spots. And, boy, do they work well!! I have two sets myself - one for home and one for office. Anyway, he loved them, and I was able to get him ten more sets so he could take them to Buenos Aires. I plan on having some of these to offer soon.

There was a bit more private time booked on Monday and Tuesday, but mostly he was able to R&R. A small group, including Florencia, Julio and Nora, gathered informally on Monday eve at El Valenciano to "trade" tango and salsa; what a gas - what fun we had in being totally unstructured and directionless!! We were able to pursue some really wild and difficult steps without any pressure but pure pleasure!

On Tuesday eve, we went to see "Buena Vista Social Club", a documentary of living historical music makers in Cuba; it was terrific with heartbreaking music and lyrics and joyful characters. I highly recommend it; two of the principal musicians (one is 88 and the other is over 90!) will be in the Bay Area in November!!! Later that night, his last night in town at El Valenciano was spent with abandon, and on four hours of sleep, I roused him to catch his ride to the airport. On his way to Bs. As., he's stopping in Los Angeles to make a public relations call; boy, are they in for a treat!! Good luck, Fabian, and hurry back to the Bay Area. Perhaps some of us will see you at your next, bigger and better, CosmoTango next year in Bs. As.

Watch for Elaine's next Dear Diary entry in the coming weeks....ISM

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