Fabian Salas Part 1

Dear Diary,
You already know, dear diary, that Fabian Salas, who first visited San Francisco in 1992 for two weeks, now tours the U. S. for 2-3 months at a time, visiting most major cities and some minor ones. He has been that industrious and successful! His hard work and organization paved the way for a hugely successful CosmoTango in Buenos Aires in March of this year. His visits are always eagerly awaited by myself and scores of others in the Bay Area, to whom he is a great friend and terrific dancer/teacher.

I anxiously waited for his next visit here in early June, knowing that it would be at the end of his grueling tour and that he wanted to R&R while in S.F. before going home to Bs.As. For that reason, and also because Florencia Taccetti and Julio Mendez, her partner, and Rubén Terbalca were already in town, we had agreed not to schedule any workshops over the weekend.

Fabian arrived mid-day on June 3, and I left my office early to pick him up at the airport. I grew concerned as the last of the passengers de-boarded and no Fabian - at last, there he was, one of the last off the plane, with a big smile and hug for me! We had a few hours to visit by ourselves (the first and last time we had that luxury), then off to the Mariposa Tango Club to teach the class with Christy Coté. During the class, George Nicol and I took the opportunity to have some outstanding mussels at The Slow Club while we discussed his TangoTime Magazine web site and his newest "project". Can't say just now what it is, but it is very exciting and will be terrific fun. The class, although mostly new and beginning people, was extremely well attended and won him some new fans. Early in the milonga, Fabian and I had several dreamy dances - again, the first and the last time on this trip, but enough to keep my head in the clouds for awhile!

Fabian was delighted to meet up with his friends, Florencia and Julio and also Rubén. After the milonga, Christy suggested breakfast, so the "dregs" headed over to IHOP on Lombard for a 2 a.m. breakfast meal with business and pleasure conversation.

Friday was a pretty easy day, just a couple of privates; but then a small group of four couples scheduled him for three hours in the evening. This set-up, which was used again on Saturday, proved to be very successful for everyone concerned. By having a limited number of people, all at pretty much the same level, each couple got more individual attention at a reasonable cost. AND it was more constructive and satisfying for Fabian. I'm sure to use this set-up again in the future, since I experienced it myself at Saturday's group private and found it extremely satisfactory. The Friday evening group took him out for a late dinner after the class, so he got home early in the morning!!

And just a few hours later (Saturday morning), he was interviewed by George Nicol of TangoTime Magazine (look for George's interview on this site). Before George had time to complete the interview, it was time to take off for Saturday's three-hour group (three couples) private at Studio 204. Participants were able to ask specific questions dealing with their issues, which Fabian explained and demonstrated fully, as well as expanding on the issues raised. Everyone felt very well satisfied with the results, and off we all went to dinner on Mission Street.

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