Fallacies, Myths, & Weak Technique
1. Tango is a static non-evolving dance.
2. All the true Tango dancers are in Argentina.
3. If you're not dancing to Tango music, you're not dancing Tango.
4. Open-style (non-close embrace) Tango is not true Tango.
5. Close-embrace style Tango is the only style danced in Argentina.
6. The old timers are the best dancers.
7. The eyes-closed Tango trance is a good thing.
8. The "cross" in the basic step is not lead.
9. Ochos come in sets of threes.
10. Always keep your shoulders parallal to your partner's shoulders.
11. If there's a mistake, it's always the leaders fault.
12. The leader always leads with the shoulders.
13. The leader invites the follower to move.
14. The leader follows the followers step.
15. The leader has the most difficult part.
16. The follower should lean on the leader.
17. The follower should apply pressure to the leader with their right hand.
20. The follower should hold onto the leader's right biceps with her left hand for stability.
21. The follower should take short back steps for stability.
22. Tango is a conversation between leader and follower.
23. Figures are useless and meaningless.
24. Tango should not be analyzed. It's all about emotion and the music.
25. The follower is not at all responsible for safety on the dance floor.
26. There is no structure in Tango, only movement.
27. You must dance each dance of a Tanda.
28. You must wait until a new Tanda to dance if you missed the current Tanda's first dance.

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