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SC/FOX VME Single Board Computer
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Description: The SC/FOX VME Single Board Computer is a full VME slot-one Master/Slave System Controller board for real-time embedded control, combining the speed of DSP hardware with the ease of programming a microprocessor in a high-level language. Using the Harris 16-bit RTX2000 real-time processor, the VME board executes multiple instructions per clock cycle

The SC/FOX VME board supports all VME bus master/slave system controller functions, addresses the full 16M-byte VME memory space, and has an on board SCSI controller. Data is acquired at a peak rate of 24M bytes per second and VME bus data transfers occur at a rate of 8M bytes per sec. RTX 2000 instructions execute in at most one clock cycle.

Memory access takes one or two clock cycles. The internal multiplier executes a 16-bit by 16-bitmultiply in one cycle. The interrupt controller has 14 prioritized interrupts,each serviced in one to four clock cycles with a zero clock cycle return. Three internal 16-bit timer/counters run independently, using the system clockor an external timing signal for input.

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