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SC32 Microprocessor
SC32 Picture

Overview: The SC32 chip is a 32-bit high-speed, real-time general purpose microprocessor optimized for subroutine calls and returns, single-cycle instruction execution and multitasking. The dual-stack architecture of the SC32 microprocessor allows instruction fetches to occur in parallel with the previous instruction's execution resulting in single clock-cycle instructions.

Applications: With many real-time control processors, developers must contend with long development times, low performance or design limitations caused by programming with a specialized CPU. The SC32 microprocessor combines the speed of DSP hardware with the ease of programming a general-purpose microprocessor in a high-level language to significantly reduce development time. The SC32 chip is ideal for dedicated applications, general computing environments, embedded systems control, multi-tasking systems, data acquisition, image and numerical processingand applications requiring large, non-segmented program, data or memory-mapped I/O capability. Some features include:

  • One clock cycle instruction execution.
  • Two clock cycle data memory access.
  • Two 32-bit, 16-deep stacks on chip.
  • First four registers of each stack.
  • 4 user registers, program counter.
  • Left and right shifters on ALU.

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