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SC/FOX Single Board Computer 32
SBC32 Picture

Overview: The SC/FOX SBC32 Single Board Computer is a high-speed, small-size, stand-alone computer designed for use in embedded-system applications which uses the 32-bit SC32 microprocessor. The SBC32 comes with a development software system, power supply, and software and hardware user manuals. There are two on-board 50-pin application connectors.

Applications: The SC/FOX SBC32 is an excellent choice for embedded-systems applications. The target and development environments are identical and are programmed directly into a high-level language, which eliminates the time and errors associated with recoding and assembly-language optimization. The system is fast, interactive, easy to learn and easily customized. The edit-compile-test cycle becomes a single-write/test step. Other features include:

  • ◊   1-cycle branch/conditional branch instructions.

  • ◊   1-cycle subroutine calls, 0-cycle returns possible.

  • ◊   1-cycle instruction execution, 2-cycle data access.

  • ◊   64K to 512K bytes 0-wait state SRAM.

  • ◊   Interactive development system.

  • ◊   56K baud RS-232 serial port with full handshaking.

  • ◊   File converter utility program for EPROM programs.

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