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SC/FOX Single Board Computer
SBC Picture

Description: The SC/FOX SBC (Single Board Computer) is a high speed, stand-alone computer designed for use in embedded-control applications. The SC/FOX SBC using the Harris RTX2000 combines the speed of DSP hardware with the ease of programming a microprocessor in a high-level language using FCompiler where multiple instructions can be combined into a single one-cycle RTX2000 instruction.

FCompiler, a native language optimizing compiler for the RTX2000, is included with the SBC. The SC/Loader, a boot-loader program, comes in EPROM on the SBC.

FCompiler programs are developed on any PC and uploaded to the SBC's high speed RAM across the serial port.

Harris RTX 2000 Real-Time Processor
  • ◊  1-cycle 16 x 16 = 32-bit multiply.

  • ◊  1-cycle 14-prioritized interrupts.

  • ◊  Two 256-word stack memories.
  • ◊  Three 16-bit timer/counters.

  • ◊  8-channel multiplexed 16-bit I/O bus.

  • Optional SC/FOX SBC Products
  • ◊  SC/FOX SCSI I/O Board.

  • ◊  SC/Fcompiler Language in EPROM.

  • ◊  SC/Floating Point Library.

  • ◊  SC/SBC/PROTO Protoype Board.

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