Silicon Composers, Inc. Palo Alto, California

SC/FOX Parallel Coprocessor System
PCS Picture

Overview: The SC/FOX PCS board is a high-speed, general-purpose coprocessor which plugs into PC class computers. The SC/FOX PCS is a self contained computer which operates in parallel and concurrently with the PC host. Using the Harris RTX2000 real-time control microprocessor, the PCS serves as either a convenient hardware or software platform for RTX2000 development or as an embedded controller for PC-based applications. By combining multiple high-level instructions into single cycle (100 nsec) RTX2000 instructions.

Applications: The SC/FOX PCS is designed for real-time control applications. With most real-time control design platforms, the developer must contend with either long development time while designing specialized bit-slice hardware, or slow performance when using conventional microprocessor systems. The SC/FOX PCS combines the speed of bit-slice hardware with the ease of programming a general purpose microprocessor, making it ideal for real-time control, image processing, data acquisition, process control, factory automation, inspection systems and numerical processing.

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