Silicon Composers, Inc. Palo Alto, California

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Printed Circuit Board Design
Silicon Composers, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing printed circuit boards for over ten years for both internal products and OEMs. During this time we have designed and built over 100 different types of pcbs with between 2 and 8 layers, with mixed digital and analog signals, and mixed through hole and surface mount. Some of the designs include:
◊   PCS plug-in SBCs
◊   SCSI
◊   Serial
◊   Parallel
◊   Video
◊   D/A
◊   A/D
◊   Stand-alone SBCs
◊   Parallel computer boards
◊   PC plug-in
◊   VME bus SBCs
◊   DRAM
◊   Data Aquisition Systems
◊   Customer specific boards
◊   Controllers
◊   Prototyping boards
◊   Disk-drive
◊   Backplanes
◊   FIFO

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