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SC/FOX Formula Data Logger32
FDL Picture

Description: The SC/FOX FDL32 is a high-speed, stand-alone, small, single-board computer designed for use in embedded system applications which uses the 32-bit SC32 microprocessor. The SC/FOX FDL32 has been used for vehicle control, internal communication, and data logging in Indy and Formula 1 class race cars. It was use in a Formula-1 car which won the Formula 1 world championship.

Applications: The FDL32 is used both as a development platform and an embedded controller for applications such as data acquisition, vehicle control, data logging,instrument control and other computationally intense applications. Other features include:

  • ◊  Optional backplane with milspec connectors.

  • ◊  Operates from single +5v or vehicle power supply.

  • ◊  Board size 137mm x 125 mm (5.394" x 4.921").

  • ◊  Battery backed PCMCIA Flash or SRAM card memory.

  • ◊  100 pin high density connector for user I/O.

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