Silicon Composers, Inc. Palo Alto, California

SC/FOX Development Software

FCompiler: An RTX-2000 native language optimizing compiler which compiles source code into native RTX 2000 instructions. FCompiler programs are developed on a PC using the any standard text editor.

Other features include:
◊   Single pass compiler for fast image file creation.
◊   Customized micro-code instructions.
◊   Interactive debugging using breakpoints.
◊   Byte and word variable declarations.
◊   Includes source code libraries for I/O control.
◊   Double-precision math, files, interrupt support and debugging.
◊   Includes full-screen text editor.
◊   Supports conventional MS-DOS file structures.

SC/Float Library: a 4-function, 32-bit IEEE standard floating point. The number format is 1-bit sign field, 8-bit exponent field, and 23-bit mantissa field, which yields 6 to 7 bits of precision. It is supplied as source code to allow easy modification of the floating point routines.

SC/Forth Language. The SC/Forth language is a Forth-83 Standard based, interactive Forth language with variable time-slice multitasking and code overlay spawning. Designed for the Harris RTX 2000, SC/Forth is used on the SC/FOX PCS, SC/FOX SBC, and the SC/FOX VME Board Other Features include:

◊   Extended control and case structures.
◊   Automatic program optimization.
◊   Block or text file interpretation.
◊   Recursion and vectored I/O support.
◊   Access to MS-DOS resources.

◊   Turnkey application support.
◊   Infix equation notation option.
◊   Streamed instructions and microcode definitions.
◊   Double-number and trigonometric instructions.

Utility Libraries include: SCSI, UARTS, Parallel Ports, Timers, Wheel speed (Pulses/sec), A/D, D/A, Flash, Autobaud, Interrupt Controllers, Editors, Serial, Wristwatch, DRAM.

XRUN Utility
The XRUN Utility is an upward-compatible version of the original RUN Utilities supplied with the SC/FOX Parallel Coprocessor System and the SC/FOX Single Board ComputerXRUN Utility supports both the FCompiler Language supplied with the SC/FOX Boards and the SC/FORTH Language Features include:

◊   Color, background, blink and sound control.
◊   Individual color and palette control.
◊   Point, line, box, circle and fill patterns.
◊   Active/visual page control.
◊   Supports up to six PCS boards in parallel.
◊   Single or shared screen mode for multiple PCS boards.

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