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The SC/FOX SCSI I/O Board is a plug on daughter board for the SC/FOX PCS and the SC/FOX SBC Above, the SCSI is pictured connected to the SC/FOX SBC (on the left) and the SC/FOX PCS (on the right) The SC/FOX SCSI I/O Board contains a high-speed SCSI controller, RS-232 serial port, and a bi-directional, 16-bit latching parallel port.

Other features include:
◊   5M-byte asynchronous transfer rate.
◊   5M-byte synchronous transfer rate.
◊   24M-byte/sec parallel port.
◊   Interrupt support.
◊   Supports full SCSI standard.
◊   6-pin RJ-11 phone jack.
◊   Disk controller.

The SC/FOX S/P Board is a plug-on daughter board for the SC/FOX PCS. The S/P board contains two RS-232 serial ports and a parallel printer port, and it comes with the driver software in source code form for both the FCompiler Language and the SC/Forth Language. The SC/FOX S/P Board also comes in a RS422 and RS485 version.


The SC/FOX DRAMIO32 is a high-speed, small-size, plug-on daughter board which combines up to 16MB of DRAM with performance multi-function I/O. The DRAMIO32 attaches to the I/O expansion connectors of either the SC/FOX PCS32 plug-in board or the SC/FOX SBC32 The SC/FOX DRAMIO32 has 32 functions packed into a 6-layer circuit board approximately 4" x 6" in size.

Other features include:
◊   Up to 16MB of DRAM.
◊   5MB/sec SCSI controller supports 7 SCSI devices.
◊   No jumpers - software configurable.
◊   4 input handshaking and 6 output control lines.
◊   Hardware support for fast parellel to SCSI transfer.
◊   Interrupts available for all I/O devices.
◊   Multiple boards stacked in one system.

SC/FOX Prototyping Boards
The SC/PCS PROTO is a hardware prototyping board for the SC/FOX PCS PC plug-in board. The SC/SBC PROTOis a hardware prototyping board for the SC/FOX SBC and SBC32 stand-alone single board computers. Both boards contain a grid array of plated through holes for wire-wrap or solder prototyping, mounting holes, and connectors that match the expansion connectors of the host PCS or SBC board.

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