Silicon Composers, Inc. Palo Alto, California

SC/FOX CUB Single Board Computer
SC/FOX CUB picture

Description: The SC/FOX CUB Single Board Computer is a high-speed, stand-alone computer designed for use in embedded-control applications. The small (100mm by 100mm), economical CUB has low-power requirements and is application compatible with Silicon Composers, Inc. high-end 16-bit products.

Applications: The SC/FOX CUB is ideal for embedded real-time control applications. It can be used for robotics, image processing, DSP, data acquisition and compression, simulation or any application requiring a high speed embedded control system With most real time control design platforms, developers must contend with a long development time while designing specialized DSP hardware, or slow performance when using conventional microprocessors. The SC/FOX CUB with the RTX2000 combines the speed of DSP hardware with the ease of programming a microprocessor in a high-level language.

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