Silicon Composers, Inc. Palo Alto, California

ASIC Design at Silicon Composers, Inc.

Silicon Composers, using advanced standard cell design environments, along with access to an extensive listing of functional cores, is the right choice for your design needs. Avoid false starts and augment your development team's ability to achieve on-time projects that require high performance. Silicon Composers improves the entire design process from start to finish. At Silicon Composers Inc., successful development, from chips and boards to firmware and systems and application software, is our specialty.

Design Success
Pyramid of Design Requirements
Design Evaluation
Count on these benefits:
◊   Cost-Effective Solutions
◊   Flexible and Complete Services
◊   History of Satisfied Customers
◊   High Performance mixed Digital
◊   Analog System Design

Areas of Proven Expertise:
◊   Automotive Product development
◊   Image Processing Product Development
◊   Disk Drive, Scanner and Printer
◊   Peripheral Product Development
◊   Scientific-Aerospace Development

Other Areas of Specialty
◊   Circuit design
◊   PCBs - design/fab
◊   ASIC - design/fab
◊   PALs/GALs
◊   Gate arrays
◊   Software
◊   Operating systems
◊   Device drivers
◊   Algorithms

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