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Partial List of Applications using Technology from Silicon Composers

Formula Data Logger32
The SC/FOX Formula Data Logger32, used in winning Indy and Formula-One race cars, designed and built by Silicon Composers for the Ford Motor Company to withstand the harsh racing environment and meet the high-speed in-car data acquistion and control requirments.

Scanning Tunneling Microscope
Silicon Composers designed a single-board computer used to control a scanning-tunneling electron microscope (STM) used to obtain images of atomic-level feature such as carbon-atom arrays.

Computer Emulation
Used the SC/FOX PCS32 Coprocessor PC board to emulate legacy-mainframe hardware to upgrade software-system performance and extend product life.

Cutting-Machine Control
The SC/FOX SBC is used to control log-cutting equipment in the lumber industry.

Image Scanner
Silicon Composers designed a single-board OEM application to run a desktop image scanner.

Color Printer Controller
Silicon Composers designed a color-printer controller and image processing system used in an OEM printing application.

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DADOS (Data Acquisition DOS)
A Digital Acquistion System implemented to manage, collect and deliver parallel port data to a highspeed SCSI disk drive for a disk drive manufacturer.

Wire Guaging Instrument
The SC/FOX PCS is used in a wire manufacturing project to produce wire of varying diameters.

Inspection System
Multi-view vision system for product inspection.

Movement Monitor
An SC/FOX SBC is attached to a collar worn by marine animals to monitor and log movement while swimming.

Parallel Processing System
Silicon Composers designed a six PC-board parallel-processor system for general high-speed desk-top computing.

Parallel Processing System
Silicon Composers designed a two-board parallel-processor system for a disk-drive manufacturer.

Space Applications:
The SC/FOX SBC32 is used to control a scientific instrument package. Another is used in down-range rocket flights.

NASA Space Shuttle
An SC/FOX SBC is used in the inspection of heat-shield tiles for NASA space shuttles.

Satellite Downlink
High speed, real-time sustained high-volume data logging for sattelite downlink.

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