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RTenSBC™ Single Board Computer
SBC32 Picture

The RTenSBC™ Single Board Computer reference design provides an example design for a high-speed, small-size, stand-alone computer for use in embedded-system applications which uses the 32-bit RTen™. The RTenSBC™ makes an ideal development plateform with a development-software system, power supply, and software and hardware user manuals included. There are also two on-board 50-pin application connectors.

The RTenSBC™ is an excellent choice for embedded-systems applications. The target and development environments are identical and are programmed directly into a high-level language, which eliminates the time and errors associated with recoding and assembly-language optimization. The system is fast, interactive, easy to learn and easily customized. The edit-compile-test cycle becomes a single-write/test step.

Reference design requires only 16 glue chips for 15 interface blocks. Design features include:
(The below memory sizes can be significantly larger or smaller depending on application requirements.)

  • ◊   512KB 0-ws SRAM, 128KB emulation SRAM (for Javatm, Z80tm, etc).

  • ◊   512KB Flash Boot RAM, PCMCI up to 256MB SRAM, Flash, or EPROM.

  • ◊   256MB DRAM, Parallel Port (24-bit bidirectional and configureable.)

  • ◊   FPB expansion bus, Wrist-Watch Chip with battery back up.

  • ◊   Synchronous-Serial Port, 4 RS232 Serial Ports, SCSI Port, Device Port.

  • ◊   Power-on reset with 5v-power required plus options 12v for PCMCIA.

RTen™ technology is owned solely by Silicon Composers, Inc. and is available on a license basis only.

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