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The Real-Time Engine: RTen™

The RTen™ is a 32-bit general-purpose microprocessor optimized for high-speed, embedded control and real-time processing. The RTen was designed from the ground up and unlike many real-time control processors where developers must contend with long development times, low performance or design limitations caused by programming with a specialized CPU, the RTen™ combines the speed of DSP hardware with the ease of programming a general-purpose microprocessor in a high-level language to significantly reduce development time.

The RTen™ is ideal for dedicated applications, embedded systems control, multi-tasking systems, general computing environments, data acquisition, image and numerical processing and applications requiring large, non-segmented program, data or memory-mapped I/O capability.

Some RTen™ features include:
  • ◊   32-bit general purpose microprocessor with over 500 powerful one-clock-cycle instructions.

  • ◊   Optimized design for real-time embedded control and data acquisition.

  • ◊   Also, fast execution of Java™ code (or Z80™ or others)

  • ◊   Predictable and re-entrant programs.

  • ◊   Full system on a chip: UARTS, Interrupts, Multiplier, MAC, Timers, Chip Selects,

  • ◊   Watchdog Timer, Cycle Counter, RAM, SSIs, FPB, Wait-State Generator and more.
  • ◊   Minimal or no glue logic needed for reduced PCB or embedded IC count.

  • RTen™ technology is owned solely by Silicon Composers, Inc. and is available on a license basis only.

RTenSBC™, Single Board Computer
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