abstract drawing

for carlos
by Susan Wilde

you stand there
with your mortality in your two hands
and speak not of love
but of this seduction cleaner than love
which breaks no hearts

which says to the other
stand here with me
it is only three minutes
and we know it is only three minutes

but stand here with me
stand here with all that you hope for
all that has hurt you
all that you have
stand here in your ruin

stand here in your full sex
stand here with what you have chosen
stand here with what you did not choose
as though you chose it

move with me
across the loving floor
feel my soul
and in that moment when you paralyze me
be yourself willing
to be paralyzed

three minutes
becomes forever

gracias, carlos
you taught me
to stand in the heart of my own fire
without burning them
without burning myself
without even breaking a sweat

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