photo of a big tree

I am a tree standing here
by Hai Ning

I am a tree standing here, nice, quiet, and
alone. I have been loved by earth, rain and
light. My leaves please others visually. My
bones and muscles will provide utility.
The tree that loved me was here for a long
time. She stood a few steps away, her eyes
always on me, Day and Night. She never said
she loved me. But I knew she did. And I
loved her, with my silence, too.

She was cut down. She did not even cry.
Her leaves have pleased so many visually.
She has been loved by earth, rain, and light.
She provided her bones and muscles, for
utility. I remember her with love.
With smile, appreciation and silence.
Because, I am a tree standing here,
Nice, quiet and alone.

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