drawing of a woman from the back

Tango Lover
by Anita Churchill

I know that he'll be there
I'll find him in this music
in the shadows, in the darkness
he makes my hand his own.
He whispers to me his sadness,
words that change my heartbeat.
He moves me in his embrace,
breathing soft...bandoneon.

He takes me with him, oh so slowly
in circles he weaves stories
of my longings, of my passion
of my secret ecstasy.
What mysteries we walk through,
what colors we're creating
as he pulls me to his center and
takes possession of me.

He moves me fierce and tender.
He moves me like no other,
like a flame in the darkness
carried up against his heart.
He moves me fierce and tender
'til I'm breathless, 'til the morning
'til the ending, 'til "I love you",
and we walk away apart.

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