picture of Philip T. Meyerson

Philip T. Meyerson, Palo Alto, California
"IMPRESSIONS" from Small Poetry Press

Poetry and photography book by Philip T. Meyerson and Tony Nicosia.
Available now at Kepler's Books, 1010 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, 650-324-4321.

Philip T. Meyerson is a poet and world traveler from Palo Alto, California, and a regular contributing writer to the PoetryScene(tm). Travelling has always been one of Phil's passions. He has made the opportunity to reap the harvest of the world. His poetry reflects his impressions of a multicolored world with its offerings of friendship and wonders. One of his most favorite serene places is Hakone Gardens in Saratoga where he was a volunteer for several years. He says that the feeling of the garden absorbs in your being, bringing you into a peaceful, reflective state of mind. Poetry is his catharsis to life and it works very well for him. He mixes his travel and general life experience with his poetry and his creations from mind and heart.

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