Tango Number 9
photo of musicians on a stage
Catharine Clune, violin, Seth Asarnow, piano, & Greg Stephens, trombone. Vibrant & voluptuous, this wryly sophisticated San Francisco quartet embraces the sensual rhythms of the tango. With a timeless repertoire ranging from the dramatic tango nuevo of Astor Piazzolla to traditional Argentine classics like "La Yumba" & "El Choclo" a performance by Tango No.9 will stir the heart. The quartet features three Americans - Catharine Clune on violin, Greg Stephens on trombone & Seth Asarnow on piano.

Together they create a richly atmospheric sound combining an eerie elegance, perverse whimsy, and dusky sensuality. Part chamber ensemble, part jazz combo, they push the frontiers of the avant-garde, and always, no matter how far they may stray, they remain umbilically connected to the dance, passion and abandon of the tango. We love to play tango in all types of places including milongas, jazz clubs & private parties.

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