10-Day Tango Tour to Italy

Enjoy 10 days of dancing, touring, exploration, and fun in the beautiful Italian Riviera and visiting cities; such as, Genova, Milan, Florence, Venice and/or Rome. Choose the cities you would like to see. Your tour leader and dance instructor is George Nicol. Optional daily dance lessons.

Have fun taking dance lessons with George (beginning dancers welcome) and touring the local area. Optional activities include: beach time, wine tasting at a local winery, fine dining, walking trails, cave exploration, sight seeing, dancing, and shopping.

George has danced Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Swing for over 15 years. He teaches Argentine Tango, Salsa, and Swing and conducts classes and private lessons in Palo Alto, California. He has traveled and danced around the world. Read testimonials from some of George's Students. NOTE: Beginning, Intermediate or Advanced dancers welcome!

Tour Dates: Depart to Italy, April 28th. Tour ends: May 8th. Price: $995 per person in a group of four or more, otherwise, add 20% per person. Price includes private dance lessons but does not include air travel, hotel stay, taxi fares, food, admission fees, entertainment or any other expenses. Nonrefundable deposit of $500 due at time of reservation. Balance due 30-days before departure. (Optional longer stays @ $150 per day extra.) For reservations: contact George by email at: george@inscenes.com