Elaine's Corner
Elaine Sirois has been a ballroom dancer and competitor since 1984. She started studying the Argentine Tango in 1985 with the stars of "Tango Argentino". Since that time, she has studied and danced with virtually all Tango teachers, both Argentinian and American, in the United States and in several trips to Buenos Aires and Mar del Plata, where she has also given Salsa workshops.

Elaine has been a very active figure in the Tango community of the San Francisco Bay Area since 1985. Among other activities, she has served on the committee which organizes the Annual Tango Ball in San Francisco and has served as a Director and Officer of the Bay Area Argentine Tango Association. Elaine is well known throughout the Area for her dance acumen and enthusiasm for all forms and styles of tango and tango music. Her styling and expression, footwork, execution and originality evidence her many years of dedication to the Tango. She has appeared on stage and in film, and also coaches and performs Tango and Salsa.

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