Private Lessons with George Nicol

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George provides dance related services including: Private Lessons (see below), Performances, Dance Tours, Dance Classes, Dance Photography (of you), Dance Hosting (see below), Dance Videos (of you dancing), and Original Dance Music (for example hear samples from George's CD.) (Contact George at 650-493-6427 and learn how to get a free cool pair of custom dance shoes, made in Argentina, similar to ones at ShoeScene)

Private Dance Lessons with George (650-493-6427) enable you to learn how to dance with confidence, style and grace. You get personalized attention so you can dance in a short period of time and progress to the next level quickly. Learn strong dance technique and fundamentals. Learn the difference between strong and weak dance technique. Learn to understand, both technically and conceptually, how the dance works. Learn how to break-down dance patterns to their basic structures. Learn embellishments and structures. Learn to put it all together on the dance floor. testimonials from George's Students

Private lessons with George (650-493-6427) are for: 1. beginning dancers wanting to learn dance basics and feel comfortable on the dance floor; 2. intermediate/advanced dancers wanting to add polish and learn new routines; 3. dancers wanting to do an dance performance; 4. couples wanting to do a polished-choreographed event or wedding dance; or 5. those with or without partners, beginning, intermediate, or advanced students just wanting to look good and have fun. In any case, I can help you achieve your dance goals. Give me a call and we'll set up a schedule to make your dance experience a happy, productive, and memorable one.

Try a few lessons with me and you'll see significant improvement in a short time. I'm currently teaching private lessons in Argentine Tango, Salsa, and East Coast Swing at my studio in Palo Alto, California. Give me a call (650-493-6427) and I'd be happy to discuss your dance situation and goals with you. Happy dancing!

George Nicol, Ph.D.
Dance Instructor/Performer

Private Dance Lesson Rates (650-493-6427):
Each private lesson consists of warm-up exercises, dance fundamentals, review, new steps, and dance practice. You can also request a specific technique or step you wish to learn. Dance home-exercise suggestions are made based on the needs of each student. There are limited slots for private and semi-private lessons, so sign up soon!

Individual 1-Hour Lessons:
Five Lessons: $80 per lesson.
Three Lessons: $85 per lesson.
One Lesson: $100

Couple 1-Hour Lessons:
Five Lessons: $105 per lesson.
Three Lessons: $115 per lesson.
One Lesson: $135

Small Group (>5 & <11 people):
Six 1-hour Lessons: $40/person/lesson.
Three 1-Hour Lessons: $45/person/lesson.
One 1-hour lesson/workout: $400.

For Larger Groups: call George at 650-493-6427. (George also offers *1.5-hour lessons for more serious students wishing to accelerate their progress. Call for rates.)

If you like to have George and his partner do a dance performance
for your special party or event or if you would like to perform with
George for your event, see Performances by George.

Dance Hosting
Let George accompany you to a dance club for an evening of solid dancing.
Dance with a pro. Dance Hosting Rate: $200 for 3 hours of dancing.

Dance Tours
Tour to Argentina, Italy, and the British Virgin Islands with George who conducts exclusive dance tours on a regular basis to Buenos Aire, Italy and BVI. Contact him if you would like to accompany him on one of his private tours. For details, see InScenes Travel Tours.

Professional Dance Photography and Video
Let George, a photographer and film make you a dance video or take a professional dance photo of you and/or your partner. Get beautiful prints of you and/or your partner in dance poses. Great for your own portfolio or for gifts, your web site, or just for fun. Contact George for details.

Learn an Argentine Tango Dance Performance for your Wedding or Party!
Contact George for details. If are interested in any of the above, contact George at (650) 493-6427 or by email at:

Dance Classes
Occasionally, George teaches classes in Argentine Tango, Swing, Salsa and other Latin dances in Palo Alto, see Dance Classes with George

To schedule a private lesson call: (650) 493-6427 or email: